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Jarrah Modwood Composite Decking Board - 137mm. Decking Oils & Coatings. Marineplank is Jarrah decking which is profiled with a slightly curved surface. Our … We work very hard to source our produce from sawmills located around Australia and we always offer our customers the most competitive prices. and above 0; and above 0; and above 0; and above 0; Compare Products. Please fill in the form below for a quote. Mortlock Timber does not offer installation however, we can recommend contracts for installation. With its smooth visage and tropical colouration, Jarrah calls to mind remote sun-drenched islands and retreats. Natural durability class 2 above ground applications. We have access to a great range of West Australian timber, which allows us to provide the best range for selection and price using WA hardwoods such as jarrah, marri, blackbutt, sheok, wandoo and karri. The hardwood varies from rich red-browns to pale yellow to an orange tone. Also other sizes available such as 32mm thick. All native forests harvested in WA are regenerated or replanted each year. Jarrah Decking Jarrah is a high density and extremely hardwearing hardwood, which ranges in colours from light pinks to deep reddish browns. Jarrah is a popular and remarkably fire resistant and robust West Australian hardwood. We offer all our new and existing customers a free no-obligation quote upon contacting us. Prepared to seperate to your requirements. Also, there is a change in sizes from different mills and we are yet to see how this will play out. Jarrah trees grow on the iron and aluminium rich plains of south-western corner of Western Australia, from the range’s east of Perth down to Albany. Jarrah decking in Melbourne is unique in the fact that it consists of deep red colours that almost resemble the contrasting colours here in Australia. Recycled Jarrah Decking. Name. Marineplank Jarrah decking has fast become the most popular choice for decking in Australia because it can withstand our hot dry summers and mild wet winters. Because the jarrah decking timber in Melbourne is made up of hard and durable materials, it makes this timber an obvious choice for those looking to renovate an outdoor setting. Jarrah Western Australian Decking 85x20mm A$5.85. Quick Shop Compare. The natural durability of most hardwoods is perfect for timber decking applications. Our aim is to supply high quality jarrah timber products at the best available price. Jarrah is a unique Australian Hardwood renowned for being a hardwood that is extremely hard wearing, beautiful, and versatile in nature. Jarrah has warm, earthy tones that feel at home in a variety of situations. Timber Decking Designed For Harsh Environments. If you prefer to send an email, send it to Mortlock Timber manufactures Jarrah products here in Western Australia, which allows us to get it direct to you. The Marineplank profile is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance compared to standard flat top Jarrah decking profiles. Jarrah (also known as Eucalyptus Marginata) is one of the only few commercial species from Western Australia. Grab it if you can. Jarrah decking is quite limited in availability meaning that your home could be the only few handfuls of homes with such special decking. Jarrah is a strong and dense hardwood with a Janka rating of 8.5, and is highly fire-resistant and extremely durable. Choose the Right Decking Timber. Australian Hardwood Decking. View Sizes/Colours. Both are legally binding documents prepared through scientific research and consultation and are regularly formally reviewed to ensure compliance and that the standards within maintain their world class status. Contact us today and check out our jarrah decking prices in Melbourne. Our Jarrah decking timber is an attractive flooring option and the name originates from the aboriginal word “Jarrah” which means tree and timber. We manufacture a range of products including but not restricted to, Decking, Flooring, Veneer Boards and a range of laminated products. Same in-stock item available for same-day delivery or collection, including GST and delivery charges. Can deliver. Built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions and heavy usage, choose Jarrah Timber Decking that is uniquely Australian, and is built to last. Buy and sell Decking timber on Trade Me. For instance, 30m2 of roof decking costs $1,000 to 3,900 to install, depending on the material you choose. Add to Cart. Decking How to choose decking oil, paint or stain for your deck Choosing the perfect finish for your deck becomes lot simpler when you understand the differences between what’s on offer. It also creates a comfortable, attractive and flexible feature that can be added to any kind of flat, sloping, wet or even a waterside area. A$0.00 - A$9.99 2 item; A$10.00 and above 1 item; Rating.

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